Endou Shouzou on Cooking Program

I found this looking around its Endou on a cooking show.Its funny but mainly will just make your mouth water 0.0

Part 1 -[yt]SaJa82F9uAU[yt]

Part 2 -[yt]0Gcd9ppOr4Q[yt]

Part 3 -[yt]IrKZ_XQMqUk[yt]

Part 4 -[yt]f7q782CHazo[yt]

Part 5 -[yt]Aodu7R93trY[yt]

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Easier to watch version

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Kind of Gaki related because Endo is in it. Also it’s SUBBED! So, for those of you who love Japanese food you’ll hate me for making you hungry! :rofl:

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7q782CH ... re=related

Part 5

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aodu7R93 ... re=related

Thanks! I rememebered I watched this years ago! Too bad the show ended.

Yummy yummy O

For anyone who doesn’t know what this show is…it’s called "Dotch Cooking Show" or "Dottchi no Ryori Show" which is somewhat based off of Iron Chef. There are two different chefs Yellow/Miyake team and Red/Sekiguchi team where Miyake and Sekiguchi are famous actors who host the show. These two pick a theme dish and the goal is for the chefs of the day to create the very best version of said dish. Each dish has 1 to 2 special/rare ingredients that will set it apart from regular varieties and the goal of the two teams is to try and fight to sway the guests into thinking which dish would be better to have for dinner at the end of the show as they cook it in front of the guests (lol run on sentences…yes I’m very tired right now). Once the chefs are done cooking and plating, the guests go up and vote to see what dish is best and those in the majority vote get to eat. To those who vote for the minority dish, they get to watch the victors eat (and yes even off stage they still get nothing as the production crew gets to eat the food made by the losing chef…yes, both chefs must make enough food all at once to serve everyone just in case they win so any pain and anguish you see on the guest’s face is very real).

I suggest watching the parfait battle, and Tantanmen vs Curry Udon battle where Hamada’s wife makes an appearance:

The first out of 5 vids for the parfait battle (double click on the white link in the video to head to youtube and watch the other 4):

The first out of 5 vids for the Tantanmen vs Curry Udon Battle (ditto):

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I love Dotch! Is there anyplace to find the whole series? Between Dotch and New Dotch, there were 372 episodes. I know many episodes are on youtube.

Hey, is this still available anywhere? It seems all the YouTube links are dead …

ALSO, by the way, is this the cooking show guest appearance by Endou that I think it is?! The one that was referenced in the infamous segment in the "Enthusiastic Teachers" New Year’s Batsu?! =O