[ENG SUB] Hey!x3 KAT-TUN and Knights comedy + "Love Yourself


Thanks mate. :)

Thanks for this. I’m actually watching the live action dorama where the song is used, currently on its 4th episode this week.

Just in case anyone is interested, the dorama is titled [b:ush86r3z]Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge[/b:ush86r3z], there is a manga and anime of it too. The guy Kamenashi (sitting beside Hamada) is one of the main cast. I have seen and enjoyed the anime that’s why I’m interested with the live action dorama. Kamenashi also starred in [b:ush86r3z]Nobuta wo Produce[/b:ush86r3z], another jdorama.

Ahh i saw that show too! Loved it from begining to end…Kame is soo freakin Hott!

danks for the upload!! super funny!!!