[ENG-Sub] HEYx3 111111 AMEMIYA sings about Tackey & Tsubasa

[url=http://www.mediafire.com/file/7o09sb418lma96r/%5BHB%5D_Heyx3_20111111_AMEMIYA_and_TT.avi:3eyixuk1]Mediafire[/url:3eyixuk1] (146 MB)

AMEMIYA! We’ve seen him a few times in the batsu games and here and there on Heyx3. If you find him funny, maybe you’ll enjoy this too.

This was a project from last year but I never thought to share it. Actually, had I seen conjyak’s [url=http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4rri4e:3eyixuk1]subbed PV for AMEMIYA[/url:3eyixuk1] I would have used "Hiyashi Chuka is on the menu" too.

Thanks for all the stuff you’ve been subbing lately. It’s really appreciated. :rock: :clap: