[ENG-SUB] Zabunguru skit(s)

I saw the funniest Zabunguru skit in my life so I stopped everything to sub it loosely.

[url=https://owarahika.tumblr.com/post/165911019322/zabungurus-short-skit-cunning-from-owaraisaa-n:59nlh8t7]Tumblr[/url:59nlh8t7] (in case anyone hates Dailymotion’s new interface as much as I do)

idk if people try to rip it from Dailymotion or something but don’t do that! [url=https://www.mediafire.com/file/r3tbp7s35kcfcz7/%5Beng-sub%5D%20Zabunguru%20-%20Cunning.mp4:59nlh8t7]Here’s the DL[/url:59nlh8t7] if you REALLY want it.

It’s the infamous IMPOSSIBRU guy and his partner, Matsuo, who has been on every single one of Ame-talk’s "Entertainers who are bad at sports" (Undo-shinkei Warui Geinin) that Ernie has uploaded. The glasses guy they make fun of especially for his swimming portion because it looks like he’s calling out to the god of the sea.


Enjoy. Hopefully you like it as much as I do!

[url=https://owarahika.tumblr.com/post/165917688258/from-20101111-ame-talk-entertainers-who-are-bad:2voyg2qa]A most useless bonus but it makes me laugh.[/url:2voyg2qa] From the first Ametalk "Entertainers bad at sports"

Also my friend showed me Tokyo03 and now I love Toyomoto.

Because it’s really short and still related to Zabunguru, I didn’t want to make a new thread solely for this… I quickly subbed another skit by Zabunguru from 15.04.02 Ametalk Pakurita GP that Ernie re-upped for me. Thank you ^^

There are similar happenings to the "Cunning" one so it’s still pretty much on-topic!

[url=http://dai.ly/x63jwf9:1v98jrn3]Dailymotion[/url:1v98jrn3] (Higher quality but TERRIBLE interface + maybe ads)
[url=https://owarahika.tumblr.com/post/166128501963/zabungurus-skit-from-20170402-ametalk-pakuritai:1v98jrn3]Tumblr[/url:1v98jrn3] (low quality but no ads)

I just wanted to point out that Matsuo is wearing Old SUmmers brand clothing, just like Summers does!!