Ep #22 95.10.07 - Batsu Peep Show


The previous episode #21 was I think an omnibus recap of highlights which already has its own thread.
From this point on the series moved to Saturday nights. Also with the living arrangments of the cast being split between the Kanto and Kansai regions, the second part of each episode changed to a "Downtown On-location" segment titled "[b:1y3leptu]ダウンタウンとロケしよう[/b:1y3leptu]" covering either region in each episode.
Kanto: Imada, Higashino, Itao, Yamazaki.
Kansai: Kimura, Kurano, Fujiwara, Mizuno.

But sadly I can’t seem to find any of it… :( Other than I think the one where they surprise and wake up the cast and a few in the Best Of special. Occasionally you also see some very brief clips in the end-credits. If anyone can find any of the on-location stuff, it’d be greatly appreciated.

[color=#400080:1y3leptu][size=150:1y3leptu]Game Segment[/size:1y3leptu][/color:1y3leptu]
The cast have to watch some adult videos (women removing bras) within which subliminal images of batsus appear for split seconds. If they can’t guess what the batsu is then they end up having to receive it.
[size=150:1y3leptu][url=https://mega.co.nz/#!cEkxiKhY!mclSShvqkeXNVdhxT6FysFxSHodWw_skwmrErEwTItw:1y3leptu]MEGA Download[/url:1y3leptu][/size:1y3leptu]

[color=#400080:1y3leptu][size=150:1y3leptu]On-Location Segment[/size:1y3leptu][/color:1y3leptu] [b:1y3leptu]color=#800000:1y3leptu[/color:1y3leptu][/b:1y3leptu] :(
Setting: Kanto Region - Tokyo.
Visiting a retirement home to try and find an entertaining grandad.