Ep #26 SDP (Hip-Hop Group) 1994.04.07


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Guest: スチャダラパー (Scha Dara Parr or SDP for short), a 3 member hip-hop group that formed in 1988 and debuted in 1990.

With the only female member of the cast now gone, the format changes again. Instead of popping their heads through windows to ask their questions to the guest, the cast now get to stand in a line wearing tuxedos as a sort of mock baritone group. The length of the episodes also increased from 60 to 90 minutes.

Additional Segments:
130R (Itao Itsuji + Kurano Takahiro), Higashino Koji and Kimura Yuichi discuss around a table. Then later chat with some female guests. Finishing with a brief backstage scene with Matsumoto etc.

Comedy Brain Battle Notes:
No more cage, must of finally collapsed after Hamada trashed it! :(