Ep #28 95.11.18 - Interesting Answer Contest


[color=#400080:1pgpeeur][size=150:1pgpeeur]Game Segment[/size:1pgpeeur][/color:1pgpeeur]
Another "most interesting answer" contest. This time however it seems Matsumoto and Higashino could not be present. So one of the questions is "Why do you think Matsumoto didn’t come?".
[size=150:1pgpeeur][url=https://mega.co.nz/#!JUNzFZxL!7xOaGlLKhckZCFrKWvNL20arBn6ikVO8EQymARH06h8:1pgpeeur]MEGA Download[/url:1pgpeeur][/size:1pgpeeur]

[color=#400080:1pgpeeur][size=150:1pgpeeur]On-Location Segment ダウンタウンとロケしよう[/size:1pgpeeur][/color:1pgpeeur] [b:1pgpeeur]color=#BF0000:1pgpeeur[/color:1pgpeeur][/b:1pgpeeur] [color=#004040:1pgpeeur](though a very brief glimpse can be seen in the end-credits of the game segment)[/color:1pgpeeur]
Yamazaki and Kimura go out in search of a woman who will give them breast milk… :|
They’re refused by a mother in the park but she suggests they try the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the hospital where they find 3 willing participants. Judging by the brief glimpse in the credits they bring some back for Downtown to try. :?: