Episode#1105 - 2012.05.13 - Talk

Here this is new episode
Did someone known what happened to hand?


I really hope he’s not still sick D:

Thanks for the links!

Yeah, I hope nothing bad happened to him.

This looks funny, but I still miss Downtown’s talks D: Anyways, I can’t wait to be really able to understand all that they are saying! :D Thank you Ichiban :)

What the hell did Endo do to his hair?

[quote="regretfullyhere25":nesocbjx]What the hell did Endo do to his hair?[/quote:nesocbjx]

He seriously looks like some of the kids I work with, and they are 3 and 4 years old!;D

[quote="Sefidum":663xe38f][quote="regretfullyhere25":663xe38f]What the hell did Endo do to his hair?[/quote:663xe38f]

He seriously looks like some of the kids I work with, and they are 3 and 4 years old!;D[/quote:663xe38f]
I don’t know u guys but kinda prefer that look over his hedgehog style at early 2000s

It grew on me eventually but when I first saw the mohawk I burst out laughing :D (Still not as ridiculous as that hat he was wearing in the ‘miserable Tanaka’ episode a few weeks back, that looked like the Cat in the Hat trying to be street imo…)

I saw a 2ch comment saying the new style is the result of a batsu game on another show. I have no idea if it was a joke or not but it seems plausible XD

So, Downtown doesn’t do talk show in front of live crowds on Gaki anymore?

No idea! I personally suspect time/health issues are getting in the way. But there’s no evidence one way or another that they’re stopped them permanently. Even if they did, would they announce that? :V

Pretty sure downtown said that they never liked performing infront of an audience. They probably decided they don’t have to do it anymore now that they’re grumpy old men and their show is not going anywhere.

Interesting. That doesn’t sound too out-of-character for them, certainly. Can you remember where they said that?

Maybe… but…, the last performance they’ve always said they’d like to do if they ended Downtown, was their manzai one last time at Namba Grand Kagetsu, and I’m guessing that would imply an audience? I mean, I think it’s strange that they dislike to perform infront of an audience :P… I’d hate to think this, but I hope they didn’t stoped doing their talks because of their "supposed issues between each other"

edit: sorry, found what i was looking for



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