Episode #1124 12.09.30 - Endo Takeshi no genkai challenge

Endo Takeshi no genkai challenge nonstop waterslider



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Not sure what I just watched, but I hope Endo can do better.

This ep was meh… =/ Even the other members got tired towards the ending :(

They should have aired this closer to the Olympics just like the last one 4 years ago.

But yeah, having to watch the same old joke over and over again for hours is gonna get everyone tired.

It is funny for its highly absurd level, with all those Beat Takeshi cosplays. :D

Didn’t enjoy this one that much. Am pretty sure endo can be waay funnier than this.

This was almost the same episode with endo takeshi showing to a fan kid (I don’t remember the exact name of the episode though), but it consists in just repeat the act of "endo takeshi" in front of the fan kid again, and again, and again, constantly… until the Endo get tired. Maybe this episode took the same model.

The beginning was funny, at least. :)

Repetitive but still hilarious, dude must’ve walked like 3 miles LOL

[hide:1id2f3bw]遠藤たけしの限界チャレンジ! ノンストップ ウォータースライダ~!!


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