Episode #1128 12.10.28 Tanaka's punishment + Talk

I hope Zippyshare is a good substitute for MF.



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Arigato Gozaimasu! As ever, the first entertainment program in the world is for us :bow:

Matsumoto seems to be in a really good shape. Can see some muscles in that body, lol. Seems to be hitting the gym I assume.

They mention this years waratte ha ikenai during the talk, so there will be one for you who worried there wont ;)

It was pretty hilarious when Matsumoto said that he would buy a ticket to Murakami Shouji’s event on the condition that the person himself in turn wouldn’t make an appearance on the upcoming Waratte wa Ikenai.

Can anyone else comment on what was said or what happened? Cheers.

[hide:35abwavf]田中 お仕置き 109前でローラのモノマネ & 着ぐるみトーク


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