Episode #1131 12.11.18 Lego Team Building Competition



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This one was funny… I wonder how they still get ideas after almost 30 years…

thanks agaaaaaain #HAND! :bow:

They sure like Umezu Kazuo. Him showing up in Batsu Game again?

Hamada being terrible at ANY KIND of art is terrible! :rofl:

That was great. Thanks, again.

Thank you! :bow:
Good one that! Yamasaki wearing glass’s! Never seen that before.

Hamada showing he has no artistic flair again! :rofl:

Can’t wait for this one… will watch tomorrow :)

It is all about ideas and they are getting it since many years. This is awesome milestone. :rock: You rock guys.

Thank You… :D

[hide:1ecz5off]大人になんてなりたくない! チーム対抗LEGOバトル~!!


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Thank you very much. :D

Ooh that is awesome to have this fun episode in such amazingly high quality. Ratmangaki actually subbed this one so maybe someone can upscale the subtitles to fit the 1080i: