Episode #1164 2013.07.28 - Matsuko Deluxe Karuta Competition

Part 1 of 2:


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It’d be great to see this episode subbed for a few reasons - I have no idea what’s going on in the game/how it’s played and it’s been a recurring thing so it’d be great to know, and Matsuko Deluxe features so heavily in the Batsu Games it’s great to have her in the regular show… also it [i:yco8j8a5]seems[/i:yco8j8a5] that Tanaka insults her early on in the game and i’d LOVE to find out with is going on! :clap:

[hide:276b2xgv]マツコ完全プロデュース! デラックスに取れればいいじゃない! カルタ争奪戦~!! (前編)


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