Episode #1306 2016.05.22 - Kiki Tomato Juice

The 39th installment of the Kiki series is tomato juice. Once again, the number of choices has been reduced from 12 to 10 for this week. Wonder how Hamada will go, given he has expressed a dislike of tomato before…



Kiki is back :rock: .
It would be cool to have a Absolutly tasty one someday.

[hide:18cdxrav]この一口に命をかけろ 賞金10万円争奪! ききトマトジュース~!!


[attachment=0:18cdxrav]Gaki_160522_#1306_Kiki Tomato Juice.zip[/attachment:18cdxrav][/hide:18cdxrav]

Thank you Ernie ;)

Yeeeeeeeees, a new Kiki!!!

Thx Ernie :D

[quote="andylau-fr":1vqytr50]Kiki is back :rock: .
It would be cool to have a Absolutly tasty one someday.[/quote:1vqytr50]

I agree :rock:

Thank you very much. :bow: :bow: :bow:

where is the key/pw


Thanks, ErnieYoung!

Oh my gawd! :rofl:

If I start typesetting now I can have it ready tonight for translation. :0


I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while.

Thanks for the extremely quick subbing guys. Maybe consider posting a link here and not just on the Tofu Panda site. I nearly missed this. :D

Just watched it. What a great episode. :D
That new punishment was really hardcore.

Thanks again for subbing this so fast. I’m so grateful that we still get new GnT subs after all those years.

Thank you~~!

I know this is a dumb question. What is the decryption key to view the Kiki Cheese? I think I do remember having seen it in a previous post. I just can’t remember where.