Episode #1326 2016.10.16 - Kiki Melon Bread

We reach the 40th edition of the Kiki series with melon bread as the main subject for this week.



One of my favorite series!



[hide:3lorgims]この一口に命をかけろ 賞金10万円争奪! ききメロンパン~!!


[attachment=0:3lorgims]Gaki_161016_#1326_Kiki Melonpan.zip[/attachment:3lorgims][/hide:3lorgims]

Thank you very much. :D

Thank you. :$

Subtitles, pretty please?

A softsub for this episode has just appeared on Reddit. What a nice weekend surprise :D

https://www.reddit.com/r/GakiNoTsukai/c ... _soft_sub/

If you have an account over there, leave some thanks for the subber in his thread.

I’ve just watched the first few minutes and there are parts that have been typeset, but instead of the text, there’s just an asterisk.
I guess the subber didn’t understand what the guys were saying all the time, so he left those parts out.
Maybe someone who understands Japanese good enough help him to make a proper version 2?

Lol he even says so in his post. Kinda didn’t read that and jumped straight to the download link the first time. :D

I have to say that this was one of the best Kiki episodes I’ve seen in a long while, even with the subs not being completely perfect. This one was REALLY good. :clap:

Hi, I am new here. What is the decryption key for the mega download?

Nvm, I got it. Thanks @ErnieYoung and @1-800-ZOM-BIES !!

Can anyone reupload the subs on another download site? mega.nz is blocked in my country

Some guys on the Subreddit seem to have improved the original subs and turned the whole thing into a Hardsub. Haven’t watched it yet myself, but I guess it can’t hurt to get this one.

https://www.reddit.com/r/GakiNoTsukai/c ... lon_bread/

There’s also a link in the comments to the updated .ass file.

https://www.reddit.com/r/GakiNoTsukai/c ... d/df9opez/

the video file is down

anyone have the softsub of this? I’ve Check the links here buts its all Down… thanks if ever someone have the link…

[quote="hrtbrk69":1tt3lffh]anyone have the softsub of this? I’ve Check the links here buts its all Down… thanks if ever someone have the link…[/quote:1tt3lffh]


Save this into an .ass file and you should be good. If you need the raw video file you have to ask someone else because it would take me several days with my shitty upload :confused:

Edit: That’s a reminder that I really need to backup my GnT stuff again in case that my Harddrive dies… It’s like at least a Terabyte of great stuff that I’m probably not able to download again