Episode #1605 (2022.05.15) 9th Rendezvous Game (Part 2)

第9回 5人の気持ちは揃うのか!? スマホなしで待ち合わせ~!! (後編)

Gaki_220515_#1605_9th_Rendezvous_Game_Pt2.zip (231 Bytes)
Posting the next episode will be delayed due to the election special program in my region.

Thanks Erineyoung-san, and no worries​:blush::blush::blush:

Thank you very much ErnieYoung san.

Next week’s long interview is going to be epic.
I find Mou Chuugakusei to be quite an enigmatic geinin, I always wonder if he is just acting his character of if he is truly like that when there aren’t cameras around.
Maybe the long interview will push him out of character, we’'ll see.