Episode #1614 (2022.07.24) TANAKER 2nd

with Fake Kiki Canned Coffee

Gaki_220724_#1614_TANAKER_2nd.zip (207 Bytes)

Tanaka killed it again with his acting.
I thought there were only so many ways to hit someone with a pie but I was wrong.
Another thing worth noting is that the Batsu in the Kiki series seem to be back, I am a bit worried for the set though, it got covered in cream, I wonder if they were planning to scrap it or if they have some way of “printing” it, it seemed to be hand painted though.
Also Tanaka being Tanaka, he mentioned that he was sorry at the end of the episode but I bet he must have had a ton of fun covering the other members of the cast in cream.

Thank you very much ErnieYoung san.

Thank you so much, Ernie Young!

Thank you Ernie :inlove: