Episode #1628 (2022.10.30) Silent Library 14

Guest: ニューヨーク New York

Gaki_221030_#1628_14th_Silent_Library.zip (223 Bytes)

Thank you so much Ernie!

Thank you very much ErnieYoung san.

A new silent library?! Hell yes!!! Thanks as always Ernie.

This one was absolutely hilarious.

Thanks Erineyoung-san

Any issue with the Mega link so it was removed?

Hopefully the link will be reposted soon, thanks in advance !

Nice! The link was recovered. Thank you Ernie!

A new Silent Library Oh My God ! Thanks Ernie :inlove: (MasterClass)

Thank you so much Ernie

anyone know if i can get subtitles anywhere?

ty so much ernie san cant wait for the update !!! :laughing:

oh i was too late, link doesnt work. it was a nice surprise toe see that there is a new silent library!

link doesnt work
Please re-upload the episode
Thank you