Episode with Toast Hamada ?


Somebody knows the Gaki episode where Hamada wear a Toast mask ?

This image is JordansOcarina signature and it show toast hamada.



It’s from the Heipo Shicihenge. He wears that to scare him.

Thx, i saw heipo shicihenge time ago, but i didnt remember the toast mask.

Thx again ^^

No prob.

Yes that is my signature thanks for noticing :clap:

Haha what a awesome mask. I would def. buy that mask if it was for sale.
Unfortunately :( there is not a such thing on the internet. ( i googled it ! ) :lol:


I would buy the hotel man costume if I could! ※off topic※

I believe its a Shokupanman mask, from Anpanman

[size=150:3t2b9hyi]This is the episode from where JordanOcarina take the Hamada Bread Mask image of ;) [/size:3t2b9hyi]