Episodes Question

I remember these two episodes but I can not find them. I will describe them the best I can. They are the same format. The group walk through a set up path that has information about a certain creature and they walk into a room where a staff member ( the same guy both times) is dressed up like the animal (first as a mammoth and the second time I think a mongoose or something like that) Hamada usually is mean to him and messes with him. That is all I remember about it.

[color=darkred:3npk0pm4]Maybe you can find the episode when you browse through wikipedia’s Gaki no tsukai:[/color:3npk0pm4][url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Downtown_no_Gaki_no_Tsukai_ya_Arahende!!:3npk0pm4]wikipedia[/url:3npk0pm4]

I found these pictures to it

I remember those. They made fun of producer Onuma by having him dressed as a frozen mammoth and a lesser panda. There are both aired in 2005, but I can’t find episode #'s yet.