Favorite 5 Bands/Artist... What do you Gaki Fans listen to?

hope this wasn’t done already cause i didn’t see it. List you Favorite Top 5 bands/artist… and to make you think even more, list your favorite song by them. Its kind of tough. here’s mine…

  1. Muse - Sunburn
  2. Mars Volta - Cicatriz ESP
  3. Blue October - Ugly Side
  4. Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror
  5. Pearl Jam - Black

Good choices Ezoghoul.
Muse, Mars Volta & MJ rock!

Here are some of my top favs.

The Fall of Troy - The Dark Trail
Foxy Shazam - No Don’t Shoot
The Knife - Hearbeats
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Impression

… I will add another later when I get home. I am about to leave work and this was harder than I thought :-P
Maybe I will add links to the songs too.

wat i lisen to :

Dizzee Rascal - Dance wiv me
Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers
Cypress Hill - low rider
madagascar - I like to move it move it :D:stuck_out_tongue:
Daft Punk -voyager
009 sound system - Speak to Angels
Blur - song2
acdc - you shook me all night long

I listen to other stuff but this shows you the kinda music I like ;)

my personal 5 bands are

skillet-say goodbye(best song-but i like most if not all of this band)
Three days grace-gone forever
30 seconds to mars-the kill
Red-Start again
Breaking benjamin-Breath

In no particular order:

Snow Patrol: Set the Fire to the Third Bar
Muse: Newborn
Mumm-ra: Light Up This Room / Starlight
Johnny Cash: Hurt
Kyle Andrews: Sushi
Digitalism: Pogo

and many others.

Shadow Reichenstein - Werewolf Order
Slayer - Raining Blood
Godsmack - Greed
Hatebreed - Live for this
Madball - 100%

…and other Hard´n´Sick Stuff…

Rip Slyme
Bump of Chicken
The Cat Empire
System of a Down

awesome, i’ll have to check some of these songs out. its always a pleasure swapping music. looks like we got a few rockers here. something that’s even harder to do is trying to list your top 5 songs of all time. just 5! as painful as it was, I managed to do it.

  1. There’s Only Me by Rob Dougan
  2. Bloodstream by Stateless
  3. The Show Must Go On by Queen
  4. Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead
  5. Ugly Side by Blue October

man that was exhausting…

Sorry… but I have more than 5 Favourite Bands/Artists!
& btw…they are All Japanese (JRock/JPop/Visual Kei/Digital Hardcore Bands & Artists) ^^:

Gackt [url:fufrispb]http://www.gackt.com/[/url:fufrispb]
YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz [url:fufrispb]http://yellowfriedchickenz.com/[/url:fufrispb]
Miyavi [url:fufrispb]http://myv382tokyo.com/[/url:fufrispb]
S.K.I.N. [url:fufrispb]http://www.yoshiki.net/jp/flv/skin.html[/url:fufrispb]
the GazettE [url:fufrispb]http://www.pscompany.co.jp/gazette/[/url:fufrispb]
Girugamesh [url:fufrispb]http://www.girugamesh.jp/english/[/url:fufrispb]
LM.C/THE MAD LM.C [url:fufrispb]http://lovely-mocochang.com/index.html[/url:fufrispb]
abingdon boys school [url:fufrispb]http://www.aabbss.com/[/url:fufrispb]
T.M.Revolution [url:fufrispb]http://www.tm-revolution.com/[/url:fufrispb]
DEATHGAZE [url:fufrispb]http://www.deathgaze.jp/[/url:fufrispb]
Nightmare [url:fufrispb]http://www.nightmare-web.com/pc/[/url:fufrispb]
defspiral [url:fufrispb]http://www.defspiral.com/index.php[/url:fufrispb]
Maximum the Hormone [url:fufrispb]http://www.maximumthehormone.jp/news.html[/url:fufrispb]
AA= [url:fufrispb]http://www.aaequal.com/[/url:fufrispb]
The Mad Capsule Markets (No official site after the band disbanded)
Wagdug Futuristic Unity [url:fufrispb]http://www.wagdugfuturisticunity.com/[/url:fufrispb]

White stripes
Rammstein :)

  1. YUI
  2. Morning Musume
  3. flumpool
  4. Arc~En~Ciel
  5. All Hajime no Ippo opening and ending songs :D

The Ramones
They Might Be Giants
Most of the Keroro Gunso OPs
One Piece OPs
Rolling Stones

Bugy Craxone
Beat Crusaders
Chihiro Onitsuka
Ikimono Gakari
U-Ka Saegusa IN Db
Yasutaka Nakata Stuff (Capsule, Perfume, Meg…)

not in order (this is my top atm):

hello! project (basically all of them) - i dunno, i just had to listen to at least one or two songs everyday. i got hooked o_o

limp bizkit: chocolate starfish and the hotdog flavored water (album) - can’t get enough of it.

slapshock - am a fan, and will always be.

slipknot - we are all maggots.

nobuo uematsu (final fantasy : piano collection) - very relaxing/calming

I’m a Big fan of SlipKnot… and they have never made a song called “We are all maggots”!. don’t You mean the song “Pulse of the Maggots” by SlipKnot.

I guess I don’t listen to stuff like you guys…

Immortal Technique
AOTP/Jedi Mind Tricks
DJ Shadow

5 is hard, couple more floating round my head…

Flight of the Conchords get an honorable mention for being so funny

it was actually a statement, not a song title :)
anyway, i like almost all their songs. can’t really pick one song for another.

Woops… my bad… sorry ^______^
anyways… cool statement… It’s wicked to meet another maggot of the SlipKnot world, I Love all there songs… they are unique! =D

Funny none of u mentions…


well… that’s probably because I don’t like the old style Metal bands!! Sorry ^________^