Favorite Batsu Game/Episode

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I am also new and I am not pretty sure if you guys already discussed this…
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Soooooo my favorite Batsu Game is No-Laughing Highschool and 24 Hour Tag.

Im not familiar with other Batsu games and episodes since I discovered Gaki last week~

Any one has something in mind? and any recommendations too ? =J

all are awesome but the bests are hospital and newspaper since they are all there. but my number one is newspaper really. alone the desk trap cracked me so hard up like them.

I haven’t watched Newspaper yet, Im gonna watch it next =J. Is Newspaper great?

Hospital is very funny too. Like, the Anesthesia part and the Haunted Hospital =X

For batsu: Newspaper, Police, and Hospital

For episodes: oh man, I don’t know how I can chose when there’s almost 1000 episodes out there but ones I can think in my head right now are the Armageddon Re-enactment… aaaah, that’s all I can think up right now Q__Q

i like the 24hr tag game when Yamazaki goes to the restroom and gets hit with the pies then comes running back!

best batsu game is still the highschool one…

best episode is for batsu spa 2… the one where matsumoto and endo dances with afro hair and weird glasses

my personal favourite got to be the hospital batsu game.

boobie trap
Nishikawa Ayako
Jimmy Onishi
Itao Itsuji <— Black Jack :D
MRI scan :D

so many great scenes…

i also like the Matsumoto haunted hotel batsu game… :D

The best episode IMO? “Yama no Ishimatsu: Slaying 100”, slapstick comedy at its best.


[quote:2xjm9g9q][i:2xjm9g9q]Originally posted by rocky_iwata[/i:2xjm9g9q]
The best episode IMO? “Yama no Ishimatsu: Slaying 100”, slapstick comedy at its best.

[yt]GyOt4SQkhzA[/yt][/quote:2xjm9g9q]yeah i remember this episode… yamazaki… aaa poor guy… && his not the fittest member… i think hamada would have killed all of them in record time ;)

hama-chan actually tried a few times to really hurt yamazaki,… haha… but hi missed… hahha

Got to be hospital, really, but both the spa ones are amazing, and high school too.

beside the batsu games, the first thing that pops into my head is 5 rangers. Its great! And everything including Itao!

I really really love the part of the High School batsu game with Jimmy Onishi reading English! That was the first I’ve seen of this show and I could watch it again and again. So great! ten ten ten ten ten… hahahahaaha

I haven’t watched it completely yet, but the Haunted Hotel with Matsumoto is also one of my favorites. I love horror, so I like this a lot.