Favorite Fighting Games ! (Arcade style)

Sooo what are some of your favorite fighting games?

I’m a capcom fanboy so I love Super Street Fighter.

Oh and I forgot it has to be like arcade style fighting games (soul caliber, street fighter, tekken, etc)

it would always have to be Tekken for me! Tekken Fanboy ^^

There was a game for Dreamcast i think, Capcom vs Snk. That was my favourite!

born in the 90’s, the only fighting arcade game that i love gotta be Street Fighter.

Killer Instinct, Guilty Gear

Soul Calibur, Street Fighter (on Arcade, the old school way)

I’ve never really been into the Tekken thing, I don’t like it characters.

SF4, MvC3, SF2ST!

my favorite is tekken and street fighter :)

Can’t wait for tekken tag 2 :clap:

I’m not sure what you mean by "like arcade style". I don’t know what my favorite Arcade fighting game is as I don’t live near any arcades. I think the only fighting game I’ve played in an arcade was Tekken 4, but I’m not a big Tekken fan.

My favorite 3D fighting game this gen is Dead or Alive 4.
Favorite 2D fighting game: Mortal Kombat.

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I would say Street Fighter Alpha series is one of my favorite games.

Most fun though, right now I have to say Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Im a super hero fan so thats part of it, no matter what people say, it really is just straight up fun to play.

Looking forward to the new Soul Calibur and Street Fighter X Tekken. I mostly like all fighters lol.

Tekken :rock:

tekken always

God… you’re all so young. :P

While Street Fighter 3 Third Strike is the fighting game of the gods, my actual favorite is (and probably always will be) King of Fighters '97. Excellent engine (even though King was nerfed grumble ) with great balance, an excellent ending to a good storyline and the boss wasn’t quite as SNK-cheap as usual.

Third Place? Probably… Matrimelee, another game on the Neo Geo but made by Noise Factory. The remake on PS2 is great as Princess Sissy is sometimes replaced by, get this… Bobby Oligun. I’ve only played the original but saw video of Bobby as the boss and it’s hilarious.

Guilty Gear absolute. Im also fan of King of Fighter series.

Never liked Tekken that much except the 3rd one.

Hands down Guilty Gear and BlazBlue take top honors.

But to be honest I just love the genre itself. A better question would be what series would you not want to play or do you hate. Even then I’m hard pressed to find one.

As soon as me & my friend gets "Street Fighter X Tekken"…we’ll gonna challenge each other!! because he’s Street Fighter guy & I’m a Tekken Guy, so the fight needs to be done! & I’m 100% sure I can kick his Street Fighter Characters asses with Tekken characters (Especially with Kazuya, my favourite Tekken Character) :devil:

I’m looking forward to "Tekken X Street Fighter", not so much "Street Fighter X Tekken"! but still gonna buy both versions just for Tekken! sorry guy’s…I’m not much of Street Fighter fan! :D Haha

anyways…to the fellow Tekken players…nice to meet you on here! :bow: :rock:
to the Street Fighter players…you are all my rivals! :rofl: :devil:

Since 1998 up to date has always been "King of Figthers 98’." Too bad KOF 98’UM does not have an arcade version. :(

Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive and Mortal Combat.

I love fighting games!!

I’ll try to limit my picks.

Dead or Alive series
Soul Calibur series
Virtua Fighter 4
Tekken 5 & 6
(and some of the Naruto and DBZ games are fun every now and then)

King of Fighters series
Street Fighter series
Capcom vs SNK
Last Blade 2
Garou: Mark of the Wolves

And of course then there was M.U.G.E.N.!!!

So after this there will be a realistic favorite fighting games topic?

tekken and Street fighter but i actually like all kind of fighting games even i’m not so good