Favorite support person in batsu games?

Who is the better support person in the batsu games?

  • Fujiwara
  • Itao Itsuji
  • Jimmy Onishii
  • Chiaki
  • Shin Onii
  • Masahiro Chono
  • Heipo
  • Deluxe
  • Nishikawa Ayako
  • Other
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Who do you all like, for characters that return to the games, that isn’t Matsumoto, Hamada, Yamasaki, Endou, or Tanaka?

Shin Onii for me. I love his lack of any acting talent and deadpan expression.

It was hard for me to decide between Itao and Heipo …
I mean, seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing at Heipo’s appearance in Newspaper Agency!
But on the other hand Itao’s such a serious but absurd genius.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Jimmy Onishii’s going to win this poll hands down, but I’ll be damned if no one else votes for Dr. Nishikawa. Her segments during the Hospital and Police Station batsu are by far my favorites. Watching those poor guys who try their best to play convincing roles as cadavers only to have Dr. Nishikawa counter their efforts by continually hammering away with shoes she’d pull from her pockets, using giant beetles to pinch their noses, and suffocating them by throwing pie after pie in their faces (just to name a few).
She’s so sadistic that she often leaves Hamada in awe. Hamada - The Super Sadist! In awe!

Itao and Jimmy. Itao’s skit got cut out from the Hotel Batsu debut if I recall correctly, the only part that was included was his random appearance in the street.

My all time 2 favourite Batsu Support members has to be Itao & Jimmy (of course!!! ^^)

Itao Itsuji: for his funny random appearance’s/characters and he’s always got a face you can just laugh at! hilarious!! ^^
Jimmy Onishii: for his dumb personality and always saying random stuff (that is sometimes got nothing do with the conversation!! ^^), also his face expressions never fail to make me laugh! Haha

I noticed Producer Suga Kenji wasn’t on the vote list, I know he only appears on funny posters and pictures…etc in the batsu games, but he’s one of my favourite’s too!! I think he’s funny :D

Deluxe is just scary looking 0_0!!, but funny in a way! ^^

No Chiaki love?

Itao Itsuji for me, I especially like his parody of BlackJack, that itself could be a series.

I love Itao Itsuji and Jimmy Onishii! Those two are hilarious. Shin Onii and Fujiwara are funny too.
Tōru Hotohara and Hiroyuki Miyasako from Ameagari Kesshitai are favorites of mine too.

Itao Itsuji, and he’d still be there with Downtown if he didn’t fool around with an underage girl…


Yeah, she was a 14 year old middle school student. That’s why he left after gottsu ee kanji. Of course the girl lied to old men and said she was 18 and then blackmailed them later.

Jimmy Onishi-saan…sho! :D

Shin Onii the concept is amazing, otherwise deluxe.

Fujiwara gets my vote. He’s the retard that keeps everything together in the new batsu games.

The one I absolutely hate is Jimmy, since he’s not funny at all and just plain stupid.

I think fat gay guys are funny so I voted for Matsuko deluxe.

But itao’s blackjack was to funny. It’s been so long since I’ve seen the hospital batsu but doesn’t it go something like this "itsuji itao presents BLACKJACKKK"

This is a hard one:

Chono is funny so far, but he only appeared twice I think? I wonder if we see him in the 2010 Batsu episode. I wonder how Yamasaki will get slapped.

Heipo is just hilarious, he’s so scared it’s beyond hilarious.

Jimmy…well. He gets nominated by me, because of the ten ten thing. That is just legendary! 8)

^ He was in the Hospital, News Reporter, and Hotel Man ones…Hotel man two times actually.

Jimmy Onishi for me, he is really funny

Itao is always great at these things the best apperance in a batsu game for me would have to be at the hospital that was a memorable one.

Well i think Fujiwara’s stutters causing everyone else to laugh is just hilarious

I personally think Chiaki deserves some support. She always catches Endo out and I loved how she announced she was marring Endo’s brother in the hotel batsu.