Feedback on Batsu Game in Hospital (2007)

[b:2rpk3pb7]Feedback on Batsu Game in Hospital (2007)[/b:2rpk3pb7]

The Gaki no Tsukai’s regular cast make a feedback on the Hospital No-Laughing batsu game (just like they did with the Hot Spring Inn in 2003)

Subtitles: None yet. Yet you can watch without them, it’s not difficult to understand ;)

The video can be watched on Veoh:


Download links will be available soon.

You can get the original batsu game (subbed) here:
[url=]No-Laughing Hospital Batsu (2007)[/url:2rpk3pb7]

Wow, I didn’t even hear about this.
Yeah I’m pretty slow But THANKSS for the file :)
Really appreciate it

btw, I’ve never been able to find like a simple subbing guide out there, and I’d like to know how to.
This is mainly just so I could give this a go, but I’m not sure if I’d be going to alll those big things that everyone wants, but more of like things that only a small amount of people would watch.

If you have the knowledge of Japanese you have the biggest curve behind u.

To begin subbing, you just need a sub program(I use aegi-sub, but headless also made a thread with other program’s) and the video u want to sub.
With the program u make the sub file people can use with the video u subbed.

If you want to sub, just try to start and look up some guides on the internet.

Good luck, and for more questions, please post in the Troubleshooting & Help section.

I enjoyed this batsu game the most! :D

This is great!

Who would have thought my favorite sadist would be in this one, gotta love Ayako Nishikawa :] , I have to say this is indeed one of my all time favs, it’s nice to see all five members of the crew for once ^^

Chono slap for Yamazaki was the best! Also when they took out the button. Yamazaki…out! :lol:

Also when my lovely Itao Itsuji showed up as the Black Jack. ITAO ITSUJI PRESENTS BLACK JACK police detective type song cues :clap:

Hey the video’s not working anymore ):

icegenie, this is the "dvd-recap" you can find on the Hospital Batsu thread ;)