Feedback on Batsu Game in Spa (2003)

[b:2o9vb5r9]Feedback on Batsu Game in Spa[/b:2o9vb5r9]

The Gaki no Tsukai’s regular cast members (Downtown, Cororico + Yamasaki) do a little feedback on the Batsu Game Hot Spring Inn (the one in 2003)


Subtitled: by DTFS, hardsub.

Torrent link:

You can download the batsu game in itself (subbed) here:
[url=]No-Laughing Hot Spring Inn (2003)[/url:2o9vb5r9]



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Are you sure? I just tried them now and they worked!

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For some reason I can’t download part 2 and 3 on JDownloader. I just keep getting told to wait on the second and third download. Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks for the mirror. :flowers:

Thanks alot for these, I like how RS mirror was provided lucky I have premium account :D. O btw the torrent didn’t work for got taken to some random site.

@LAWLandMine, do you have a Rapidshare premium account? If not you can only download one file then you have to wait… If you do have one have you added in the details to jdownloader and said to use the account?

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hey guys

does anyone know where to get the high-res or DVD version of the 2003 hot spring onsen batsu game? i used to have it before and it got deleted - im wondering if anyone can point me to where it is. The ones out there have bad quality.


New download link :)
Hard Subbed Version.
Have Fun Watching ;)



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