Hello, I basically just lurk and leech here but I really want to watch Lincoln, so I decided to download every torrent from d-addicts with lincoln in it. However, there aren’t enough seeds! (Who could’ve guessed)

The thing is however, I have a fileserver with a couple of terabytes of space where we can put every file instead of megaupload and whatever. So I’ve created an account for us here, its called gakirepo with the password oper1k4g and the adress is:


speeds will be crappy slow while I download all episodes of lincoln, but if you have time, try to upload anything downtown related. Sorting will be done during the week, and this account is only temporary, you will have to PM me if you want your own account with both username and a password, this way I can monitor and ban people trying to upload malicious files :) if you upload torrent files to the torrent folder they will automatically be downloaded, I’ll set it up so that it will then put them in a completed folder.

I hope you find this interesting, it will be like our personal megaupload without limits and costs =)

** EDIT ** I’m also configuring FTP access for those who prefer that over the browser GUI (It can be made nicer, if someone with html/css skills want to have a go at doing a design for the site I’ll send the source code =) )

I like the idea very much, though, with all the new people wanting to download gaki, and the hassle to use accounts on your server, it might be too complicated.

My ultimate dream would be to intergrate such a server into the forums to be used by every member(And would use the same ban rules etc). Though, its just a dream =)

We can set download links without accounts, accounts will be for upload only :D

Also, I’m sorting everything so there might be some downtime but after that everything should be fixed.

need a little help here with fileserver. I finally decided to upgrade into premium for one month by paying $9.99 coz that’s what I can afford so far. I need to upgrade coz downloading the No-Laughing series files are very big and I need to use my friend’s internet (mine have quota for 3Giga). Waiting for 20 mins for each download will cost us wasting times since he also needs the internet. However after I upgraded, something terrible keeps happening, it does shows I do login, and login as a premium. But I cannot download instead! There appeared another red box, asking me to login as Premium! And my profile shows my account will be Premium until Dec 15, but even now not even I cannot use my premium access, I also cannot access any downloads! What should I do? I had wasted my money if this continue!


sorry about your situation, if you haven’t done so already, perhaps you should be contacting the support team on fileserve and letting them know as opposed hoping someone has the answer here. just saying…

hope your problem gets resolved.


thank you for the suggestion. I did contact them and even send the request for Lost Premium Account-hoping to retrieve either my Premium account back or my money. I’m still waiting their reply.
I’m just worry since I read quite a number of people complaining of it so I’m just worry I just got myself scammed :P

Is thee anyone else have trouble with Fileserver as a Premium? I want to know is it the website fault or me, just in case I didn’t do registration correctly