FIX - Gaki no Tsukai Hot Spring Inn Yugawara (ONSEN 2)


Gaki no Tsukai Hot Spring Inn Yugawara (Hamada, Yamasaki and Tanaka)
Can someone fix this sub? There is hell lot missing parts whick it annoys me a lot…

– 13.12.2010, 10:14 –


Yes please do, these are the only subs missing/incomplete from the previous bastu games !!!


as funny as it is when people post threads like this before they even spend 2 minutes looking through the forums, i also desperately wish for someone to refurbish the existing subs for this batsu. :o

Someone should just delete this thread. Where are the mods? ]:)

Moved to trash bin because original poster did not see the obvious similar request which was already answered.