Forum Login Issues - Cookie Settings

I am not sure who the technical forum runner is here, but thought i’d mention a (minor) problem with these forums. If i login, i am logged into, however, if i am then led to a non-www version of a page on this site (via a link or what have you), i am no longer logged in. For example, log in, then go to:, and you’ll see you’re no longer logged in. This is more than likely because the cookie settings for the site is setting the cookie domain as
This can be fixed in one of two ways:
1.) Do a canonical redirect to redirect all non-www traffic to the www version of the url.
2.) Or, set the cookie domain to "", notice the beginning . which denotes that the cookie is for the domain gaki-no-tsukai AND all possible subdomains of that domain.

It is actually best to do both, for other reasons, but one or the other will fix the cookie issue.

Excellent, thanks for fixing it so fast. As i said, it wasn’t a big deal, i just noticed it after i had to log in to view a link, which turned out to be a link to another page of this forum that had other links… but i had to log in again to view those links.
And yeah, i’ve had difficulty in the past myself with canonical redirects. I usually implement them with mod-rewrite regex rules, but you can implement them within php too (though it gets a bit messy). But i don’t think there is too much of a reason to worry about that since the cookie issue is fixed, that is unless you’re wanting to maximize your search engine traffic.

Regex are a nightmare.

Most definitely, but very powerful at the same time. I commonly use this:

for regex testing, very useful if you do a lot of pattern matching.

Very useful, will definatly ease my php programming.