Gackt & Hamada Kiss - Back Up On Youtube

A very small clip in which Hamada and Gackt give each other a quick kiss on the lips. Enjoy.


oh my goodness, hama-chan… LOL
this is funny and a bit disturbing at the same time… LOL

tnx for sharing! =)

I like how he looks proud afterwards. “Yea, thats right, he’s mine ladies.”

I always loved the combination of Gackt and DownTown, it’s just good chemistry. :3 (Er… not in that way though, lol. D: )

like kawaii_endo said! I just wonder what went trough their heads at that exact moment XD

thanks for that funny clip, spikebender!

Love. Pure love between a singer and a gorilla.

Yeah, Gackt and Mr Lip Monster hahaha! I love Hamada’s nickname! XD

What kind of bond do these two have? :huh:
Hamada gets to kiss Gackt, touches his cough magnum cough and gets a ride in his car…

Gackt also mentions Downtown in his [u:185wftzu]autobiography[/u:185wftzu], “[b:185wftzu][color=crimson:185wftzu]Jihaku[/color:185wftzu][/b:185wftzu]”.
Here’s the English translation:

[FONT=courier new]"Though I’m bad at appearing on TV, when I appear on “Hey! Hey! Hey!” (Music Champ) I always have a lot of fun. The two guys in “Downtown” are more than just geniuses. They’re wizards.

I rarely ever think that anyone is scary when I talk with people, but the two guys in Downtown are scary. They can really read people’s souls. They are incredibly smart, and the expression “sharp” fits them perfectly.

…[semi-long knife metaphor]…

I’m not talking about the way they talk on the show. Just the way they hold people in their hands like tools is so incredibly unbelievable."[/FONT]

can anyone tell who is Gackt ?


[b:2ozzzn7d]Gackt Camui[/b:2ozzzn7d] (神威 楽斗, [i:2ozzzn7d]Kamui Gakuto[/i:2ozzzn7d]<a href=“” title=“Help:Installing Japanese character sets”>?[/url], born July 4, 1973[1][/url:2ozzzn7d][url=][fn 1][/url:2ozzzn7d]) is a <a href=“” title=“Japanese people”>Japanese <a href=“” title=“Musician”>musician[/url], <a href=“” title=“Composer”>composer[/url], and <a href=“” title=“Lyricist”>lyricist[/url], as well as a <a href=“” class=“mw-redirect” title=“Poet”>poet[/url], <a href=“” title=“Author”>author[/url], <a href=“” title=“Actor”>actor[/url], <a href=“” title=“Designer”>designer[/url], and model. Usually referred to by his <a href=“” title=“Mononymous person”>mononymous[/url] <a href=“” title=“Stage name”>stage name[/url] (currently stylized as [b:2ozzzn7d]GACKT[/b:2ozzzn7d]), he is known for his career as a solo artist and as the former vocalist for the now-defunct band <a href=“” title=“Malice Mizer”>Malice Mizer[/url]. Besides <a href=“” title=“Japanese language”>Japanese[/url], he has performed in <a href=“” title=“English language”>English[/url], <a href=“” title=“Korean language”>Korean[/url], <a href=“” class=“mw-redirect” title=“Standard Cantonese”>Cantonese[/url], and <a href=“” title=“Standard Mandarin”>Mandarin[/url].


Ouch… somebody delete it, please…:pinch:

No prob Mel.

[quote:wpo44x3n][i:wpo44x3n]Originally posted by freaksperson[/i:wpo44x3n]
can anyone tell who is Gackt ?[/quote:wpo44x3n]

Gackt is a famous Japanese singer, composer, author, model, designer, et cetera.
Basically, he has lots of talents, especially when it comes to playing instruments (trumpet, tuba, trombone, piano, guitar, drums, bass, …) and languages. He likes to shroud himself in mystery and is quite eccentric, but he does have an impressive career.

I’m no hardcore fan but I love his voice
[url=]Gackt - Last Song[/url:wpo44x3n]
This is one of his most famous songs (and a personal favourite :inlove:)

He used to be in a band called “Malice Mizer” too which one of the songs from them I love. :D

I’m not really a fan of Gackt but I agree he does have a impressive career :slight_smile:

I get so happy every time I see a Downtown clip with Gackt, since I am a mega huge fan of both.
So cute x3

I just wonder what went trough their heads at that exact moment XD

thanks for that funny clip,

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Is it possible to reupload it… it has been removed from utube :(

I would love to be Gackt in this moment… Hama-chan is just… omg… a genious comedian, talented, funny, sweet also in my openion he looks damn good. He’s just hot ^^ i would love to get a kisu from hama-chan <3~ that would be really sweet ^o^ also i would like to kiss gackt of course…^^

…Are we talking about the same Gorilla?

Which hey!hey!hey! episode is this? Episode # as i think aya matsuura was in this too right? and they talked about "Mr. Matsuura"