Gaki episodes on MU

Hello to everyone!! I don’t know how you’ll take this. But i’ve been uploading some episodes of Gaki no Tsukai on Megaupload… So, if it’s fine with the administrator, i would like to share them with you.

Heres a sample: This is last week episode (#977):

Download it [url=]HERE[/url:3mzi6dxf]

I’ll wait admin. aproval to post more… I got a lot of them already uploaded, now i’m looking for some place to share them :D. I hope you like my idea :D

Oh! By the way… No subs… Hehehe :rolleyes:

Se ya!!!


Thanks for you efforts! Sure you can share your videos, that’s the very purpose of this website: Sharing videos and Gaki material :D

Just be sure to post your videos in the right category. If it’s a Kiki game, it goes in the Kiki game category, etc…

The episode 977 goes here: [url:jgx4rjvx][/url:jgx4rjvx]

[quote:jgx4rjvx]I hope you like my idea :D [/quote:jgx4rjvx]

We love it :D