Gaki no Tsukai #001->#004 (1989)

[b:1lc1nmjr]Gaki no Tsukai #001->#004 (1989)[/b:1lc1nmjr]

Yes, you got it right. The 4 very first episodes of this legendary show are available for download.


If needed, we’ll make MU/RS mirrors to keep these episodes “safe”.

i will apreciatte you to put the mu o rs links so that we could get it easier… thanks anyway

thank you very much kanzaki !

very appreciated ,it’s collector

the torrent’s censor’d, I don’t seem to be capable of downloading it.

This was posted back in '09, and the website says that there are 0 seeds…

MU PLZ that would be the best

I don’t know about the quality of the torrents, but I’ve got mine from Veoh with pretty low quality. But who cares? :smiley:

Here, have a MU-link (it’s a .zip-file with all four episodes):

MU link is temporarily disactivated, and torrent stops at 92.3%: Seeds needed.

Thank you in advance

[quote:3u3o5201][i:3u3o5201]Originally posted by atreyu_tiger[/i:3u3o5201]
MU link is temporarily disactivated …[/quote:3u3o5201]It works for me now - at first it said the same to me. Just try it again from time to time.