Gaki no Tsukai #1052 - Talk - 2011.05.01

[color=#FF0000:1fqiec97]Taking suggestions for a new hosting service. MU is just too slow for uploading :/[/color:1fqiec97]

[b:1fqiec97][u:1fqiec97][size=150:1fqiec97].avi version (with ads)[/size:1fqiec97][/u:1fqiec97][/b:1fqiec97]


[b:1fqiec97][u:1fqiec97][size=150:1fqiec97].mp4 version (without ads)[/size:1fqiec97][/u:1fqiec97][/b:1fqiec97]



also on megavideo:


I would seriously recommend keeping up with Megaupload. It may be slow, but it never deletes videos.

Too bad it’s only a talk, no funny games this week, no Hamada :(

But thanks for the link ^^

I’m sure i would have laughed if this was subbed :!: :!:

thanks for the ups ;)

Costume over Obachan pajamas + bedtime story = best sleepover party!

I love they talk but it has to be Matsumoto x Hamada…

Hamada is too bad , just got cold he should still come… hahaha
anyway thanks for upload~

Also, does anyone else know if there are any other episodes similar to this?