Gaki no Tsukai #1193 - No Negativity! Cold Tour [Eng Sub]

Hey everybody,

I just subbed an episode of Gaki No Tsukai for the first time.
It is the second edition of the No Negativity Allowed Tour!

Please enjoy it here: ... ai-1193-no

Have fun,
Final Radio

Great work, thanks!!
Gee, they’re all getting grumpier w/age.

The talk section was pretty good as well. [hide:1py73i9q]Mr Endo carrying his girlfriend everywhere. And sure Tanaka looks like that kind of extremely quiet person when one first meet him.[/hide:1py73i9q]

Thank you very much, greatly appreciated.

woah how come i didn’t see this before?! THANK YOU :rock:

I appreciate your subbing work.

However, this was a bad episode. Downtown’s refusal to fully participate by going on the thrill ride and Hosei’s absence were just the most obvious problems.

The concept just wasn’t well executed. There’s no need to make the cast members so extremely uncomfortable that they can’t perform. You can do the "negativity prohibited" concept without exposing the cast to extreme weather conditions.