Gaki no Tsukai Best 10 moments

Hey! Probably this week episode will be the “best 10 moments” of this year…

So lets “play a game” and lets “guess” which ones will be this year’s best 10 moments…

I have no time so i’ll post my best 10 later… Besides i gotta think about it… Lots of great moments this year… :D :P

There are not a lot of good (or good with English subs) episodes this years I can’t pick top 10, but here are my few picks.

  1. Chiaki Audition - The perfect way to get a fun out of Endo’s former wife.
  2. “Downtown are a-holes” series: Pie Game - The last scene that the other teams caught Matsumoto as the one who threw a pie at Hamada is very funny.
  3. 950th episode: Shohei Challenge - That helium gag never gets old.
  4. Producer Omura vs. Hamada - not that funny but having the original anime theme singers there was nostalgic and cool.
  5. Tiny Ring Sumo part 2 - Shitara vs. Akebono FTW