Gaki no Tsukai Episode 1020

Gaki no Tsukai Episode 1020
Aired on 2010, September the 5th.

The Gaki regulars (minus Matsumoto Hitoshi) plus a special guest, guided by the comedy duo, Fujiwara Kazuhiro and Takafumi Inomoto. Go on their 3rd food franchise marathon, this time it’s Sushi zanmai. And remember, the first person to not be able to eat anymore has to pay for the whole trip! Part 2/2!

Rehost please?


anyway you got the name wrong cause fujiwara is fujimon( toshifumi fujimoto) + haranishi (takayuki haranishi)

What? The duo referred to are License. I don’t know the one guy, but the other is Kazuhiro Fujiwara, a.k.a Vaccuum Fujiwara. They don’t participate, they just marshall the GnT gang during the challenge.