Gaki No Tsukai in my NaNoWriMo Book!

In my fourth National Novel Writing Month project, I have a story set in a Eastern-styled Dungeons and Dragons world which I’ll make into an homebrew world. Influences range from Arabian to Indian, to Chinese and evnetually to Japanese. You can find info on the project at [url:101vlusb][/url:101vlusb]

But here’s why I’m mentioning it here: The first location the story takes place in is a costal fishing village with a heavy Gaki No Tsukai reference. In fact, I’m naming the village Gasukuri that takes place near Suga Creek which leads to a waterfall below a lighthouse. Quite picturesque.

Not only will there be some scenes from GNT recreated into the story (I already have an Endurance Tag and Silent Library) planned, but the five comics we all know and love will have supporting roles. Right now they’re still tenative, so I welcome any ideas you may have for putting them into this setting. (A Japanese Fishing Village, I’m guessing around the Meiji timeframe not counting for the more traditional D&D player characters.)

Hamada has an appearance so far, being the regent/Lord of the village. I thought about having him be similar to the Monkey King (or a monkey hengeyokai) who is known for dealing out very unusual and creative ‘punishments’ to criminals. Chinko Machines, paper fans, and gimps with switches are not out of the question.

I’m still a bit iffy on the other four. The next role for the gang to fit would be an adventuring instructor to show the main characters the ropes. He could be Yamasaki (as a five-tailed kitsune who’s working to get to all nine in spite of his idiocy.) or Endo (who is a swave and debonaire dojo master who moonlights as the local vigilante Dynamite Shikoku) .

And then there’s Matsumoto (who could fit into the requisite Village Idiot) and Tanaka (I first thought of him as a priest that suffers from ‘Human Fainting Goat syndrome’) but I still have the feeling–even as I’m writing the book–that you might have a better idea to put these five into this fantasy setting than I have.

If we can brainstorm over this, it’ll be greatly apprecated. Thanks in advance.