Gaki No Tsukai on ebay... … +no+tsukai

I like the idea but I am a bit dubious on the legitimacy of the product. The description says the photo matches the product but the DVDs come in standard-size cases, not those weird squarish ones in the photo, and as far as I know the DVDs have never been released in China so why would they have Chinese subs? I own the Spy Batsu DVDs too (should have got the special edition with the bonus disc… dammit!) and the cover doesn’t match the one on that account. It seems fishy.

Sorry to be a sad-sack but while I’m fine with spreading episodes to share the love (mostly the ones that aren’t on DVD and probably won’t ever be) and I’m not game to get into a moral argument about file-sharing, I’m waaaaaaay less fine with people rorting others out of money with bootleg DVDs. If someone can prove these are legit, I’ll throw in some cash. But I think if you are interested in torrents, you could probably find some out there already on non-English sites with a bit of creative googling.

If anyone here wants the real DVDs, I am more than willing to buy them for you and post them. They are about 2900 Yen in my local Donki but I guess I could find them cheaper elsewhere. Shipping on Japan Post SAL would be around $3.50.

EDIT: And after a closer look, none of this sellers DVDs are in DVD cases. These look like CD cases. I have NEVER seen Gaki No Tsukai DVDs in these kind of cases anywhere.