Gaki no tsukai studio background wallpaper*

'Sup guys.

Does anyone have a WALLPAPER of the Gaki no tsukai studio background? (just like the top image on this website but without "fanpage")

I found a copy of it on the web but its too small.(it get’s pixelated when i turn it into a WALLPAPER)

I hope someone could help me.

Thanks in advance.

Just looking to contribute… and I’d love to have a Gaki wallpaper myself. :P

I don’t have access to the hi-res graphic files, but I’d be happy to resize/crop them to several different resolutions for the community - if they were somehow made available…

EDIT: In the interim, have a look here. [url:1ndy52px][/url:1ndy52px]

i’m planing on tracing it to fit my monitor. but it might be a time consuming task (just like what i did with my signature) so bare with me. ill update again soon.

This prove to be harder than i thought, so i just edit a simple one. hope its ok… zet!!!

Previous link has been shot down so i put another one here… sorry


wow! nice updates!

thanks bloodymoogle. i really appreciate your help. just take your time.


oh its in your sig, thanks a lot ^^



Oh, that was the wallpapaper I was referring to on my first post.

It was not big enough to become a wallpaper. (But I think it can be used on netbooks though)

I already got my wallpaper, thanks bloodymoogle.

Please post it up here and share it with all of us!

[quote="FoxyWoxy25":2lbhzohk]Please post it up here and share it with all of us![/quote:2lbhzohk][quote="BloodyMoogle":2lbhzohk]


I guess you did not read the whole thread. It’s on the 3rd post.


-Here is a new version that I asked to realize and that I also retouched :


-I also will love a version close to this one :


Because this one has a lot of defects :(

But I will not be able to realize :(

I can also provide you the star :


I’ve been looking for a new background for my laptop… i think i just found it…

does anybody know what the background image is all about>? i mean, does it have a deeper meaning? tanx guys. :)