Gaki no Tsukai title card song

I dunno if it’s been mentioned before but the song used in the title card and closing for gaki no tsukai is by Coldcut, the Theme from Reportage…


Awesome! :clap:
What a weird little piece of music!

i like it… so much so that i blast it through my speakers…

the song sounds great with a good subwoofer and surround sound ;)

I have always wondered what song it was! Thanks. It makes me happy to hear that on my computer or tv!

btw here’s the dl link for the mp3


yay this is my new ringtone xDDD
go gaki!

I will make it my ringtone!

Great find, I wanted to make this as my ringtone for quite some time now !
I will probably add the scratching from the GnT shows though.

haha same that most folks here settingnewringtone

now im feel funny in a matsumoto way :drunk: