Gaki: The Missing Episodes - 1042 to Present

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I just wanted to ask a general question…since episode 1041, any episodes for Gaki are virtually non-existant it seems…it will be approximately 2 months since any were available to get through a torrent or any other means. Did something happen to shut that ability down?

Time to unleash the bloodhounds and pick up the trail… :sweat:

well, there was that earthquake that happen that delayed one of the episodes. i believe one aired last sunday but it’s not on d-addicts yet. Plus the uploaders on D-A haven’t had a hold of the rips yet, so it’s going to be a while before we see any new episodes unless you want to watch them via streams, which i know there are plenty of current episodes streams.

The missing episodes can be all found at

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oh and just click proceed anyway if something is up

I am sure, that we get sooner or later hold of the Episodes like we are used. As some already have mention, its probably related to the earthquake. Whoever was ripping and uploading it to the Japanese share network, may have lost everything or the network self got some bad issues…

I can only recommend, what i use for myself … ry-33.html

Someone posted this link on another topic, but most of the torrents are still alive for 2011 - I’m grabbing them now.

Go to:
Search for: ダウンタウンのガキの使いやあらへんで!!
Click TORRENT link (bottom right of box)
On next screen, look below the DOWNTOWN logo, you’ll see an arrow. That’s your torrent.
Click and enjoy :)