Gaki vs Tsykyo

Aired on 2009, June the 21st, Gaki no Tsukai Episode 960.

The Gaki team are going at it again, they are battling Tsykyo team (not sure about the name, it’s what I heard, and it’s a team of 5 other comedians)! It’s a down-on-all-fours-relay-race (run like dogs). But before the big event, they train with a Japanese athlete who specializes in this type of running. But in the end, will the training be enough?


I am at work so I cannot watch this at the moment but I have a feeling its Gaki vs. Tenso. I will check it out later when I get home unless someone can confim this. If it is I will move it to the correct forum.

well i took a look at the vid. It doesnt seem to be the Tenso team. I guess they do vs. shows against other comedy groups? Pretty funny episode none the less.

Yeah… I agree… this was a pretty fun episode… I thought Hamada run’s funny on his hands and feet… he looked like a monkey ^^ Haha