GakiNoTsukai #974 4.10.2009

Gaki not sukai ya arahende episode 974 , aired on 4/10/2009 !!

weird episode where endo talks in his mind and he seriously looks gay … I don’t know if he’s acting but he’s fuckin acts like real gay !! soo funny when he look s at yama-chan’s dick !!!


lok for it in veoh , coz no veoh in my country + don’t hav “easy hide ip” + hide ip site don’t work for me …

I believe that this is it on Veoh.


Actually, they’d done one like this before. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but I think it was called “Endo’s Delusion” on Youtube and remember the other four guys playing badminton. The thing I remember most about it is how I wished I could understand exactly what he said at the beginning of the episode - it felt like a disclaimer of some sort.