Game Center CX soundtrack

I’ve been searching for a long time for the musics used by Game Center CX and i found only some of them…
In particular, i’d like to know where the music used in the part when "the king" is explaining key elements of the game (the king on the right, the game screen on the left and the explanation at the bottom) is taken from or if it’s a original piece made for GC CX.
Thank you in advance if you can help me find that music :)

Thank for your reply :)
I did already found this compilation but i thought that song i was searching for was missing.
But i was wrong because the piece of music that they use is actually taken from " Headhunter Soundtrack Jack’s Theme ".
Thank you again :)

In episode 42, where Arino goes up against Mighty Bomb Jack in front of an audience, I’m looking for the music that AD Inoue/Inoko MAX enters to. It’s this light, airy thing. I went through the playlists of GCCX on YouTube, but didn’t find it there. would anyone happen to know what it is?

One playlist I found on SA says under staff entrance music:

"Kiga no Zeronen" original soundtrack "Fuufu no Ketsui" (Inoue)

I’m assuming "Kiga" is really "Kita" and I’ve found the soundtrack for "Kita no Zeronen", but I didn’t find the song I’m looking for in it.

Hellow folks!!

I collect the most that i can of the soundtrack from Gamecenter CX. Here is the link


The folder has 310 mb and there are 38 songs from the show. I’m still missing some of the songs, so, if you know the names, you can share it with us here

Domo, Arigato Gosaimasu :bow: :bow:

Are these ones original cd rips and digital versions or only video site rips?

Most of them are digital versions, a few are video site rips because i can’t find the MP3 or CD Rip. But the quality is good ;)