GnT #1004 Shichi Henge, Banana Man Shitara

His pal Himura did well and is in Top 5 earning in Shichi Henge history. How will Shitara do?

Watch it while it’s still hot!!




He was okay, but Himura was definitely funnier!

Yeah the saliva cocktail was pretty gross, and wasn’t that funny.

Haha ^^ just watched this on veoh… Really funny stuff!!
but shouldn’t this episode be in the “ShichiHenge” thread?

Gaki no Tsukai Episode 1004
Aired on 2010, May the 9th.
7 Henge! This time starring the other partner of the Banana-man duo (the previous 7 Henge starred one of the Banana-man duo)! Basically, the performer has 7 skits/chances to try and make everybody in the room laugh, and for every skit a person laughs, he must pay 1,000 Yen.

anyone can provide download links? MU or Veoh also can :D

I would like to see it (eng) subbed :(