GnT #1007 (30-05-2010): Hit-and-cover Rock-Paper-Scissors To


yay go endo u rock! xDDDDD

here comes the champion…enjoy! :))

Wow, that was quick! Thanks!

Anyway, GnT seems to be lazier than earlier years, only the guys are just too busy nowadays. They just did one long taping and cut into to two or three episodes a bunch of time now.

Here’s the episode on [url=]D-Addicts[/url:2c6painp] or, for those who prefer it, [url=]Megaupload[/url:2c6painp].


Thank you for the Megaupload links :clap: , the quality is much better than Pandora, and I can’t get torrents on my current network.

Nice one.
This is a Fun tournament.
Thanx :clown:

Gaki no Tsukai Episode 1007
Aired on 2010, May the 30th.

Whenever this many comedians come together, it must be good! It’s a competition of "Taite Kabutte Jankenpon" between the comedians (It has never been so epic)! (It’s a long list) Starring: Yamazaki Hosei, Gorugo Matsumoto, Kanningu Takeyama, Himura Yuki (part of Banana man), Tanaka Naoki (part of Cocorico), Yagi Masumi, Neko Hiroshi, Kojima Yoshio, Ariyoshi Hirioki, Kasuga Toshiaki (part of Audrey), Monkikki, Endo Shouzo (part of Cocorico), Wakki, Kawashima Kunihiro, Hamada Masatoshi (part of Downtown, never seen his face so scary) Matsumoto Hitoshi (part of Downtown). It’s a sudden death rock-paper-scissor competition where the winner has to grab the pico-hammer as quickly as possible and hit the opponent, While the loser is suppose to grab the helmet and protect himself, if he does before the hammer hits him, they continue doing rock-paper-scissor, if not, the guy with the hammer wins. Part 3/3

ENDO WON!!! :| ^_^ :* :inlove: :D :) :clap: :mm: