GnT #1011 (27.06.2010) Yamasaki Shin launching business com

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Thx! I’m gonna watch it right now:D

Edit: Just finished it. Hamada is so hilarious in the end where he tells exactly how he feels about the play. :)
“Mou ee wa” (Enough already)
“Shine!” (Die!)
“Omaera Shine!” (Die all of you!)

The Return of Konyaga Yamada :lol:

Need MU please

Here’s the episode in MU.


thanx Spike

HQ 720p version: [url:77j79nwj][/url:77j79nwj] (ripped directly from youtube)

also here are some real translations for the german parts. the german -> japanese translator is obviously doing a bad job :). have fun.

in the meeting room:

“Ich bin Heute früh aufgestanden.” - “I’ve got up early today.”

in the act:

“Ich bin wieder da.” - “I’m back.”
“Ich bin Heute früh aufgestanden…” - “I’ve got up early today…”
“…sehr früh” - “…very early”
“Dann habe ich mich gewaschen und meine Zähne geputzt.” - “Then i washed myself and brushed my teeth.”
“Ich habe 3 Stockwerke. Die müssen alle sauber gehalten werden. Das macht sehr viel Arbeit.” - “I (my house presumably) got 3 storys. They must all be kept clean. It’s alot of work.”
“Ich habe einen Hund. Der muss ausgeführt werden. Der mag das… er liebt das.” - “I have a dog. He must been taken a walk with. He likes that… he loves that.”
“Meinen Hund geht es nicht gut. Ich glaube er muss zum Tierarzt.” - “My dog doesn’t feel well. I think I have to take him to the vet.”
“Ich gehe jetzt wieder” - “I’ll be leaving now”

Yes, the translation is incorrect, but they did nothing wrong.
What the woman says was never of any importance, it’s what the “translator” says that matters. She’s been on the show many times doing stupid translation to make the members laugh, it’s like her own joke.

yea i know. just wanted to point out that the german woman is talking nonsense :)

Gaki no Tsukai Episode 1011
Aired on 2010, June the 27th.
It is a comedy play directed by Yamazaki starring some of the cast of Gaki no Tsukai and other comedians.