Gnt #1016 Heipo's Trip to Countryside pt.1

Heipo made a trip to Yamagata prefecture, north of Tokyo. Hilarity ensues.



An English sub is really needed. :unsure:

Bumping the latest episode.

You guys skipped 1015 didnt you? Its another episode full of charts and lists like 1012

i was thinking that as well i didnt see 1015.

Well its not too exciting anyways, especially if you can’t understand japanese

pandora X(

not many people like Pandora… I don’t blame them ^^ I don’t like this site too!!, you can’t watch the video’s on there unless you join there premium package including paying to watch!! it is lame -__-
you guy’s should upload these video’s to veoh or megavideo…etc etc so that everyone can watch them!!

Veoh link is added.

any MU links for 1016 and 1017

[quote:21jsinp8][i:21jsinp8]Originally posted by rocky_iwata[/i:21jsinp8]
Veoh link is added.[/quote:21jsinp8]

Cheers rocky_iwata!! =D

subbs would be nice