Gnt #1044 - 27.02.11 - Kiki - Apple juice

I can’t find any download link of this episode, so you can watch it here [url:1a44ko93][/url:1a44ko93] or here [url:1a44ko93][/url:1a44ko93] also you can watch in this site 2 previous episode.

Torrent is up for this episode. - SpikeBender ... FA.torrent

sweet! good find, they dont seem to be popping up on D addicts atm

dl link … _juice.flv


Torrent link now included with the OP.

[quote="SpikeBender":268qv8m7]Torrent link now included with the OP.[/quote:268qv8m7]

thanks, but you dont have HQ? :3

there is no English sub ???

Thanks, really like Endos drinking problems

It seems the availability of full HD torrents on D-Addicts might be on the rise again. Within the past few days, a very generous soul has posted a full 720p version of Kiki-Apple Juice. It’s available here:


Not a Youku rip, so get it while you can-- for as we all know, Torrents never last.

There’s also a few other episodes:

1 Download Link.
Raw (Unsubed ) Version but in HD format (454mb ! )
Have Fun Watching.



[b:1v7jhlsy]Download from color=#d11e00:1v7jhlsy[/color:1v7jhlsy] :[/b:1v7jhlsy]

Kiki Series 28 - Apple Juice.mp4 (454.1 MB)!rQ5lFSYJ!dNxgSEbrn ... wkk0MCcC4Y

[color=#d11e00:1v7jhlsy][b:1v7jhlsy]Complete Kiki Series :[/b:1v7jhlsy][/color:1v7jhlsy] viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5210

Part 1 of the Sub went up on J-Addicts’s blog in December, but they have yet to upload Part 2. It’s really annoying that they don’t upload both parts at the same time, I don’t want to watch only half of it!

Anyway, I was able to grab it as a download from Dailymotion and upload it to my MEGA account, I’ve been tempted to bring the video into Aegisub to duplicate the subs (and credits) to use in the HD version in this thread but I may wait until the second party is released if someone doesn’t release their own HD Subbed version instead.

P.S. If anyone wants the LQ Dailymotion download I have send me a PM.

[quote="knightar":1pn2k5hn]wait until the second party is released[/quote:1pn2k5hn]

I don’t think it’s coming…

Now is the time Kato…

To learn some Japanese!


Great that they subbing, but making just one part and never releasing the second one is even worse that no subs at all, just saying ;)

It’s like Downtown made a 2 part documentary, only releasing one part and the second part wasn’t never aired. |( :|

That dude make those shitty subs only to get money. Other subbers (good subbers) not even put the adfly in their videos and they deserves it. J-addicts even steal others links and put his ads

I don’t mind him having as they work a lot for it and it’s just like $0.01 per link. But I’d love if he could finish it ;)

[quote="Fengson":30xdh5l8]But I’d love if he could finish it ;)[/quote:30xdh5l8]

It’s not gonna happen. They often link to stuff they haven’t subbed either, of course you have to go through their blog and then an ad page first.

That’s why I use AdBlock :) I only turn it off when I want someone to earn money ( for example) :)