GnT #1046 - A Pikaderi Retrospective

Thanks to the link provided by dannemannen (found here: [url:vs6f53v4][/url:vs6f53v4]) we’ve got our first post-disaster episode of Gaki no Tsukai!

youku link

I’m not sure if this is a rerun or not, but either way it seems that nothing new was filmed. It’s pretty amazing to me that Nihon TV stuck with the schedule despite the disaster. Enjoy!

its a rerun most probably or a ‘best of’ from the picadilly series…

the first post-apocalyptic episode…

any MU or torrent link??

I’m afraid I haven’t got any MU or torrent link.

There is a pandora link here:

Just in case anyone is able to DL the video

Holy crap all of those stupid AC commercials.