GnT Drunk (03.30.2003) … 36&page=24

Beat me to it. The episode number is 625 I think. I could check, but I’m too lazy. Aren’t you happy I showed you this one Riff? ;] Love this one.

I’m speechless. One part of me thinks that this is stretching the meaning of comedy quite a bit, the other part just giggles. Certainly needs subs, since there’s a lot of talk going on.

omg, someone should sub this one wehhh!!!

hahahaha WAY funnier than I thought it would be :D

How awsome is this show, anything for the sake of comedy!!

LOL. I can tell without the subs it’s making me die of laughter. Tanaka is soooo wasted! hahaha :rofl:

It’s here as well:

veoh link that’s provided does not have any sound.

But this ep is ridiculous. I was laugh-crying when I saw the curtains open and Matsumoto’s knocked-out.

Veoh had no sound for me either, Pandora works though and WOW is this episode ever amazing. Tanaka losing his shoe and almost knocking over the background/stumbling in drunk killed me. I like how Hamada seems to be the only one to really be able to hold his liquor and just laughs a lot. I can only imagine what drunken hilarity subtitles would reveal…

The sound on Veoh works fine when you download it.
Should I upload it somewhere?

Yes…please :)

We need a download link… Pandora is lagging and Veoh is restricted in my country, so… ^^’

I didn’t manage to upload it on MU (after trying it about a thousand times), so I uploaded it on Rapidshare - maybe someone could download it and upload a mirror on MU?


MU mirror: [url:2s6slwsa][/url:2s6slwsa]

Now if some kind soul could sub it and release an .ass file~

thanks Revolute bro! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

– 12.11.2010, 23:23 –

i would do petition for subbing this man!

this has to be the one of the best gnt episodes EVER!!! i couldn’t stop laughing my ass off!!! i can’t imagine how would it be if it is subtitled! i think i could die :rofl: thank you so much for this…this made my day! :clap:

I rock the vote too for some subs on this one xD

wow, this is great

subs would make it amazing

yes plz sub-people :)
take ur time, we will wait!